Paralegal Writing Samples: Some Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of paralegal writing samples?

The type of paralegal writing samples depends on the guidelines the law firm has set forth for the paralegal to use when writing. If paralegal writing samples are needed for a potential client or business partner, these samples usually contain examples of past work the paralegal did for a previous law firm that would show them the level of expertise and competency. If the paralegal is still in school, the law firm will usually look for a sample based on a research paper they may have done. If the paralegal has finished school, but has no experience with a law firm, the paralegal writing samples may contain a fictional case as well as fictional characters when writing the paralegal writing samples. Paralegal writing samples are usually formal and handwritten. These formal samples may involve general correspondence and school writing assignments. If the paralegal writing samples are handwritten, they may be graphological correspondence and tips.

When would a potential employer want paralegal writing samples?

All employers are different and there no set rules for what they may request. Many may request a writing sample when sending in a resume and cover letter with some other documents attached. Some may collect the paralegal writing samples at the initial interview and sometimes the paralegal will be required to provide it at a call-back interview. It's good to remember to bring the paralegal writing samples along at all times and be prepared to present them at the potential employers request.

What are some of the paralegal writing samples a potential employer may want to see?

When providing paralegal writing samples what is important to keep in mind is that mostly legal writing showing good legal samples is required and any non-legal writing should supplement it. Such non legal writing can be a persuasive piece of writing that provides a convincing writing style that supports the idea that an employer can evaluate. A well written memorandum of briefs and points is also a superb choice in providing paralegal writing samples to a potential employer. It is good to avoid samples that require research, instead focus on being practical. It is crucial to make sure to provide actual or simulated legal positions that show a real world situation to give the employer the easiest sample to understand. When showing the paralegal writing samples, it's best to avoid collaborative work that looks artificial and fake. Any confidential information or sensitive material should be replaced with fictional characters to avoid any release of information that is not supposed to be made public. Many paralegal writing samples can to be very negative in nature, which may give an employer a bad impression. It is best to look over the work to avoid sending across a negative communication.

Whenever getting ready to present paralegal writing samples to a potential employer, it is important to present him or her with either factual or fictional information case studies that will clearly demonstrate a prospective paralegal's abilities and qualifications to become a paralegal.

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What are some examples of paralegal writing samples?

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